Everyday Magic: Domestic Fabulism in Verse

The Poetry Barn, June 2017

Including magical elements within a realist world can successfully highlight themes of loss, frustration, love, and belonging. In this course, we will write poems that incorporate the domestic fabulist, or magical real, and let them glimmer within our poetry. We will explore how poets take a familiar domestic scene—a kitchen, a laundry room, a vegetable patch—and distort the details to reveal the actual nature of the situation through fabulism. 

Myth and magic can co-exist with domestic concerns and amplify the drama of the ordinary. Domestic fabulism is similar to magical realism. It "takes the elements of fabulism—the animals that talk, the weather that wills itself into being, the people who can fly—and pulls them in tight, bringing them home. Domestic fabulism uses elements like a magnifying glass, or rather, a funhouse mirror." (Amber Sparks, "Domestic Fabulism or Kansas with a Difference", Electric Lit) 

We will write poems that use magical real elements. By the end of the course, each participant will have a better comprehension of this new genre as well as four new poems and inspiration to visit this new terrain, this “Kansas with a difference” more often in their future work.

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