Online Poetry Workshops

The Unsaid: Absence as Form

August 5-September 1, The Poetry Barn Online
As an instrument must have a resonating chamber in order to a sing, a poem, too, depends on empty space. “In a field, I am the absence of field,” wrote Mark Strand, speaking of his presence as disturbance, as rupture. The absence of one element can amplify the meaning of another.
In this four-week online workshop,, we will explore absence in poetry, from ellipsis to erasure. We will write poems with blank space through which implication and meaning will resonate, using the void (like a voice) to pronounce and echo. Turning to poets like Layli Longsoldier, Camille Rankine, Chase Berrgum, and even Sappho—all masters of the unsaid—we will explore ways absence is much more than a lack.
By allowing ourselves to suspend logic, narrative, and even syntax in favor of lyric and gesture, we will open up resonating chambers, allowing our poems to sing through what’s missing, making our poems whole. Register here.

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