Creative Works


“The Wind in the Corner” in THRUSH, September 2018

“The Abstraction of Women Artists” in Midway Journal, January 2017

"The Answer is No" in The Ekphrastic Review: Writing and Art on Art and WritingSeptember 2016

“1955” in Crab Creek Review, May 2016

“How to Paint a Self-Portrait” in Rogue Agent, July 2015

"This Country, Dimming" at Harpoon Review, January 2015

“Suspension” in Muzzle, Spring/Summer 2014

“The City in the Distance” in THRUSH, November 2013

"Looking Up" & "Aperture" in The Feminist Wire, September 2013

"The Forgiveness Party" in First Stop Fiction, Fall 2011

“Tattoo Museum” in Hermeneutic Chaos