Creative Works

 Kay Sage,  The Answer is No

Kay Sage, The Answer is No

"The Answer is No" featured on The Ekphrastic Review: Writing and Art on Art and WritingSeptember 2016

"behind my head           I become Kay
  the artist   then           ship bonesor

             a bridge for sparrows—a landscape       eventually
             a wall..."

 Kay Sage,  Small Portrait

Kay Sage, Small Portrait

"How to Paint a Self-Portrait" published in Rogue Agent, July 2015

"Ask yourself where
the heart goes and let that gap wrench open,

empty and concave beside the basket-woven
metals and hinges of what you wanted
to call a face but come to your senses:"


"Suspension" published in Muzzle, Spring/Summer 2014

"the asteroid is always falling;
the surgeon’s knife continues
to slice. I press

the gas, carve... "