New Online Workshop—The Unsaid: Absence as Form

Online poetry workshop for adults, all levels: As an instrument must have a resonating chamber in order to a sing, a poem, too, depends on empty space. “In a field, I am the absence of field,” wrote Mark Strand, speaking of his presence as disturbance, as rupture. The absence of one element can amplify the meaning of another.

In this four-week online workshop, we will explore absence in poetry, from ellipsis to erasure. We will write poems with blank space through which implication and meaning will resonate, using the void (like a voice) to pronounce and echo.

By allowing ourselves to suspend logic, narrative, and even syntax in favor of lyric and gesture, we will open up resonating chambers, allowing our poems to sing through what’s missing, making our poems whole. Learn more at The Poetry Barn.

Fiolet & Wing: An Anthology of Domestic Fabulist Poetry

The anthology Catherine Moore and I have edited is out now from Liminal Books! This extraordinary collection brings together poets writing in the fabulist tradition: fable, myth, fairytale, or magic. Both an introduction to and a survey of the ways women poets reclaim the domestic sphere and define a genre, poets representing all regions of the continental U.S. and abroad spanning four continents find home here. Contributors include Kelli Russell Agodon, Jennifer Givhan, Miriam Bird Greenberg, Carol Guess, Akua Lezli Hope, Colette Inez, Melinda Palacio, Susan Rich, Martha Silano, Cecilia Woloch, and many others.

 Carmen Maria Machado, multi award-winning author and Guggenheim Fellow, says, “Every page of Fiolet and Wing brings some new magic: birds and blooms, fairy tales and fabulism, the border between the domestic and the wilderness, the dream and nightmare of womanhood, the home as prison and liberator. I love these fierce, vibrant, luscious poems.”
Get your copy (print and e-edition available) here!

New Poem in Zocalo Public Square

It did not win the annual Zócalo Public Square Poetry Prize, but it was chosen for publication! Read “No Books Would Tell Us Our Stories,” a poem documenting a few moments of childhood in Possumtown, here.

New South 2019 Poetry Prize Announcement

I am honored to be awarded the New South 2019 Writing Contest Poetry Prize! About my poem “Bloodline,” Natalie Eilbert says: “The difficulty in contrapuntals is the planning it requires, understanding already the full breadth of its shape, knowing—at least in an abstract sense—its tenor and melody. It's a metaphor reverse engineered, operating in threes. I love "Bloodline" because it offers this difficulty with control, ease, and finesse. We feel its origin story in the chasm of meaning, between "I was born" and "guilt, skinned," between "a rib, a dozen ribs" and "a sonnet of bone caging." This poem's quest for meaning makes the contrapuntal a perfect form; our names grow beyond what we are called, we are the subversion of our identifiers, and this is what charges our anger and our love for a deity, a figure that looms beyond our names. This poem is also its resistance to any one fixed metaphor. We watch as they deny their own guesswork, then double-down on it: "womb, a bat, no a"...The womb cannot be a bat, we see this in the real time of the poem. It can be either "a / colony of bats" or "a / whole sky of bats." Better yet, The womb is the single bat, the colony, and the entire contents of the fluttering bat sky. It is the electability of this poem that brings us to earth, where it beholds a beautiful, terrifying future.”
This poem is in fantastic company. Check out the Finalists and other winners here.

New Summer Workshop: A Celebration of The Poetry Handbook

July 10-August 14, The Loft Online
Online poetry workshop, open to all levels. Mary Oliver’s The Poetry Handbook is a north star to many of us writers, guiding us closer to understanding poetry. In light of Oliver’s recent passing, we will revisit this book’s brilliance and resilience, reading and discussing our favorite chapters and trying our hands at its writing exercises.

About the handbook, Oliver says, “This book is not meant to be more than a beginning—but it is meant to be a good beginning.” Each chapter is more than a beginning; it is a window letting in the familiar and necessary light. Together, we will delve back into The Poetry Handbook, opening ourselves up to new beginnings, sharing our old favorites and making some new ones, too. Register here!

Little Red Riding Poems

Visit 1508: A Blog Where Poetry Lives to read about Little Red Ridinghood and how she finds her way into contemporary poetry by women writers like Jennifer Givhan, Vievee Francis, and Sally Rosen Kindred. Special thanks to the University of Arizona Poetry Center for giving this little essay a home!

Brand New Workshop: Poetry Chapbooks

Registration is open for an exciting new workshop offered by The Poetry Barn! In Distilling Wonder: The Poetry Chapbook, we will explore ways to create a poetry chapbook. To craft a chapbook is to gather and distill quality ingredients into an immersive and intoxicating creation. How does a chapbook go from mere pages of poetry to a work of art? Building a single chapbook over four weeks, this course will serve up exercises for crafting a condensed, captivating manuscript. Designed for poets who have written enough material to begin crafting a chapbook and those who have already begun the process on their own.

Three New Poems in Menacing Hedge

“A Short Narrative of an Extraordinary Delivery of Rabbits,” “Possum Sapphic,” & “Possum Women” are in fantastic company in the latest issue of Menacing Hedge!

CD Wright Women Writers Conference 2018

I’m excited to be joining the CD Wright Women Writers Conference in Conway, AR on November 10 to both present on ways women use the fairy tale in contemporary poetry, and to read selections from my long poem, “From The Book of Red,” which won Second Place in the 2018 Nan Snow Emerging Writer Awards! More info can be found here.

Best New Poets, 2018

“Wolf-Girl” will be published in Best New Poets, 2018. She’s in good company; check out the complete list of finalists here, and learn more about this annual anthology here.

New Poem in Thrush

I'm so pleased to have a poem in the September 2018 issue of Thrush! This is a new piece, written during my residency at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation this summer. It's written after a painting by Kay Sage, and informed by her biography, too. So excited my little poem is sharing space with amazing writers Sally Rosen Kindred and Ross White! Check out the whole issue. It's a good one. 

Nasty Women Reading, Tennessee Williams Fest 2018

You can hear me read along with other nasty women poets here!

Announcing Two New Fellowships

I'm excited to visit the Longleaf Writers Conference as the 2018 Poetry Fellow this May, then join the Wurlitzer Foundation as a 2018 Fellow for the summer.

Nasty Women: Unapologetic Performances at TWF2018!

I'll be joining several amazing poets on stage at the Tennessee Williams / New Orleans Literary Festival on Saturday, 3/24 at 1:00 PM! Read more about this fantastic event here.

2017 Charter Oak Award for Historical

I'm so excited my poem "Baroness & The Fountain," about amazing artist & feminist Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, who may have actually been the creator of Duchamp's famous artwork, The Fountain.  Read more about The Coil & see the other finalists here.

2017 Poets on the Coast Fellowship 

I'm thrilled to have been selected for the third annual Rich & Russell Fellowship for Poets on the Coast. I've always wanted to go to this writing retreat: great company, great scenery, and a museum writing day--what more could you ask for? 

2017 Women's National Book Association Poetry Prize: First Place

I'm honored to announce that my Little Red Riding Hood remix, "When I Am Red and the Moon, Full" has been awarded First Place in the 2017 Women's National Book Association Prize! Click here for more details. 

Two Chapbook Elgin Nominations

Both Jackalope-Girl Learns to Speak AND Lost City Museum have been nominated for the Science Fiction Poetry Association's annual Elgin Award for books published in 2015 & 2016! Read more about the prize, and wish these book babies luck!

Jackalope-Girl Learns to Speak a Local Bestseller

I'm thrilled that Jackalope-Girl Learns to Speak has been named a 2016 bestseller at local bookshop Tubby & Coo's--and in great company.

Eight Fresno State Alum Release First Books

Jackalope-Girl & Lost City Museum are in great company: this year, eight Fresno State alum have celebrated their first books--a record.

2016 Pushcart Nominations

I'm so grateful and proud to announce that Porkbelly has nominated my poem "Love Letter to Galileo: Axis" (forthcoming) AND ELJ Publications has nominated my poem "Abandonarium" for the Pushcart Prize! You can read "Abandonarium" where it was first published on Devilfish Review here

"Gretel at Menlo Mall, 1996" Wins Second Place

My fairy tale poem has placed second in the SFPA's Annual Contest for a short-form poem. Read the entire poem, along with the other winners, on their website

Meet Sundress Publications's New Chapbook Series Editor

I'm so excited to be joining Sundress to take on the role of Chapbook Series Editor! Find out more about the press the amazing work we do here

Poem Feature on Verse Daily

My poem "Rift" is featured on Verse Daily's Web Weekly! This is one of those dream accomplishments. SO many thanks to Tinderbox Poetry Journal for having faith in my work! Click here to see it, in good company! 

BIG News! "Self-Portrait as Surrealist in Mexico (2015)" is a Finalist

"Self-Portrait as Surrealist in Mexico (2015)" is a Finalist for the inaugural Real Poem Prize from Workhorse & Rabbit Catastrophe! Congrats to all the other finalists!

Jackalope-Girl's First Review

Thanks to Tom Holmes over at The Line Break for writing about Jackalope-Girl and adoption.

New interview with Catherine Moore

Check out our dual interview on what domestic fabulism is and our new anthology project on Trish Hopkinson's blog, now live here.

Carpe Noctem Interview now live!

The amazing Nicole Ross Rollender asked me some questions about Jackalope-Girl Learns to Speak on her blog, Carpe Noctem, here.

Guest Blog on Mockingheart Review Now Live

Many thanks to Clare L. Martin for inviting me to think about how fabulist elements can help a writer tackle difficult subjects! Now live on the Beats Blog here.