Creative Works


“A Short Narrative of an Extraordinary Delivery of Rabbits,” “Possum Sapphic,” & “Possum Women” in Menacing Hedge, Winter 2019

“The Wind in the Corner” in THRUSH, September 2018

“The Abstraction of Women Artists” in Midway Journal, January 2017

"The Answer is No" in The Ekphrastic Review: Writing and Art on Art and WritingSeptember 2016

“1955” in Crab Creek Review, May 2016

“How to Paint a Self-Portrait” in Rogue Agent, July 2015

"This Country, Dimming" at Harpoon Review, January 2015

“Suspension” in Muzzle, Spring/Summer 2014

“The City in the Distance” in THRUSH, November 2013

"Looking Up" & "Aperture" in The Feminist Wire, September 2013

"The Forgiveness Party" in First Stop Fiction, Fall 2011

“Tattoo Museum” in Hermeneutic Chaos